Our service

So artee is a digital art gallery specialized in Surrealism and Collage. We, only, display limited edition art pieces that are shipped to your door and designed and manufactured to the highest quality.

Who we arE

So artee is a gallery website created by Oussema and Hana ; a couple who met in Art school and fell in love. Art is what unified the two. Their love for art amplified and so is their love for each other. Art became a way for them to express their love , a way of joy, a way of life.


Oussema’s love for fiction and fantasy and Hana’s fondness of magic and fairytales fused to create a safe space for their imagination ; somewhere for them to create their own Utopia. It all started with Oussema, who was intrigued by the art of Surrealism and Collage. Oussema, soon, discovered that this kind of art helped him be free and escape reality. Through Collage, he was able to mould the world to make it his own magical space ; somewhere to vision his own perfect reality. 


Hana, who shares everything with Oussema, was inspired by him. She liked the idea of building her own world by herself . She started trying and she was amazed by the idea of waving her own magic wand and then poof ! she’s creating her own dreamland in few clicks. From that moment, their dream started. So artee is what they wanted to do ; a frame for them to talk about their feelings and share their beliefs and visions. A magical place to be themselves and a space for others to do the same. Hop on our spaceship and we’ll fly you to a new dimension everytime you visit our website