Desert of whales

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” Desert of Whales “

The desert and the ocean are so different yet so similar. So dusty and thirsty, The desert is empty. So hungry and relentless, The ocean is endless. Yet, the ocean meets the desert and the desert meets the ocean where beauty lies. Land and sea connect to show their majestic perfection. Land and sea connect to yell “exception”. Beauty manifests itself in both. Beauty hides in the depth of the ocean and the vastness of the desert. The ocean, just like the desert, is not explored or investigated. They both hide secrets and mysteries. The desert, just like the ocean, provides people with bounties of nature. Dates are the petrol of the desert. Both are rich and generous; they supply us with treasures. The ocean and the desert connect in their love for life. Both unite to give and not take. Both fuse to make earth a better place.

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  • Limited edition of 50 copies.
  • Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by hand by the Artist.
  • The work is printed on a plasticized matte photo paper to guarantee intact real-life colors.
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