The Empty Fullness

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” The empty fulness “

” Emptiness is not really empty; Emptiness is full of everything. The ‘everything’ just isn’t manifest ” – Ram Dass


Emptiness may not be as insignificant as we think it is. Emptiness may not mean non-existence. The empty could be so much more. The empty could mean fullness and wholeness. The nothing is something. The nothing occupies space. We often catch ourselves trying to dodge emptiness; scared of the nothingness that may suck our fullness. But, fullness is found in everything empty: In the empty space, In the empty silence, And even in the emptiness within. You don’t need to see, to believe in the fullness of emptiness. Emptiness is existent. Emptiness is full.

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  • Limited edition of 50 copies.
  • Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by hand by the Artist.
  • The work is printed on a plasticized matte photo paper to guarantee intact real-life colors.
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