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The human race has always been so eager to meet the future, so anxious to reach the end, always trying to have more, do more and be more that it never stopped and looked. Carefullly looked at our new reality; at the disappearing nature and the vanishing creatures, at the increase of skyscrapers and the invasion of numbers. Our planet is disappearing before our eyes. We are so determined to being more that we’ve never realized that we’re becoming less. When you first look at the portrait, you may think that you’re looking at the past and the future upside down but what you’re really looking at is two faces of the same coin ; two sides of the future. Our life is in Jeopardy; we are at risk of losing our present in our mission to find the future. We are at risk of going back in time instead of moving forward.

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  • Limited edition of 50 copies.
  • Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by hand by the Artist.
  • The work is printed on a plasticized matte photo paper to guarantee intact real-life colors.
  • Free delivery