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50 x 70 cm

” Rebirth “

Imagine, Imagine a time nature rules and reigns. Imagine a time nature uproots the buildings and gains. Simply, imagine a world where nature survives; Survives despite the selfishness of mankind, Survives despite the exploitation that left her behind. We have mistreated nature like never before, We have abused what was once something to care for. But, nature is strong. Nature is incomparably powerful, that it can and will survive against all odds. Nature will survive because that’s what she does. She will stand on her feet, she will grow her own plants and those plants will, in turn, feed most creatures on earth because that’s what nature does. She reigns and exists against all odds. Let’s imagine for now, till nature finds her way back.

  • With Frame
  • Without Frame

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  • Limited edition of 50 copies.
  • Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by hand by the Artist.
  • The work is printed on a plasticized matte photo paper to guarantee intact real-life colors.
  • Free delivery