the highest ceiling

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” The highest ceiling “

They’re puppeteers; they hold the strings and control your moves. They’re manipulators; they take your hands and move instead of you. You think that you’re free and liberated, just like any puppet that’s been manipulated. No one’s free, no one’s unbound. There’s always a chain holding us down. They hold our senses between their fingers. No remaining effect of them lingers. We’re deaf. We’re blind. No longer are we supplied with knowledge and awareness and with perception and fairness. No longer are we allowed to think, to see, and to hear the truth that’s covered with the hand. The sky is our limit, we’ve been saying. But, maybe, just maybe, the sky isn’t the highest ceiling.

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  • Limited edition of 50 copies.
  • Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by hand by the Artist.
  • The work is printed on a plasticized matte photo paper to guarantee intact real-life colors.
  • Free delivery